Friday, July 20, 2012

Final ISL Tennis Standings and All-ISL Selections 2012

Final ISL Tennis Standings and All-ISL Selections 2012SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

I haven't updated the blog in two years but I figured I'd take a little bit of time and help everyone out by looking through all the team sites and compiling a final standing.  Here it is!


  1. Roxbury Latin 15-0
  2. Belmont Hill 14-1
  3. Middlesex 12-3
  4. Nobles 12-3
  5. St. Sebastian’s 11-4
  6. St. Paul’s 10-5
  7. Milton 9-6
  8. BB&N 9-6
  9. St. George’s 7-8
  10. Groton 6-9
  11. Rivers 4-11
  12. Brooks 4-11
  13. St. Mark’s 4-11
  14. Governor’s 2-13
  15. Lawrence 1-14
  16. Thayer 0-15


Belmont Hill: Nick Cary, Carl Reid. 
BB&N: Jess Karol. 
Groton: Tyler Phelan. 
Middlesex: Peter Beatty, Jon Sokolsky. 
Nobles: Cam Chapman, Cam Smith. 
Roxbury Latin: Cameron Ferguson, Jarad Gough, Joey Haig. 
St. George's: Stathi Kynakides. 
St. Sebastian's: Weston Brach, Conor Haughey.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ISL All League Recipients

ISL All League RecipientsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

I should have done this post a long, long time ago but I got a little bit lazy at the very end of my senior year and I never posted it.

Carl Reid won the MVP award as expected; he has to be one of the first underclassman in a while that's won the Boys' MVP.

All-ISL List
Belmont Hill - Carl Reid '13, Jack Welch '11, Peter Yanofsky '10
Governor's Academy - Nate Collins '10
Milton Academy - Andrew Lebovitz '10, Matt Lebovitz '12
Nobles - Cam Chapman '13
Roxbury Latin - Carl Defranco '11
St. Sebastian's - Conor Haughey '12
Thayer Academy - Richie Robbie '11

Thanks to the Boston Globe for the information.  Thanks to everyone that supported the blog, check out my newest blog (it's a hip hop blog)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Coaches Meeting is Tonight

The Coaches Meeting is TonightSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

The coaches meeting to decide the all-isl team is tonight and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a copy of the list but I'll make sure to cover it when the globe prints it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Power Rankings

Final Power RankingsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

1. Belmont Hill School (Previously: 1) 15-0
Belmont Hill lost a tough match to Brunswick in the New England Semi-Final but they pretty much dominated the ISL this year except for an 8-7 win over Nobles.  Belmont Hill graduates its 2, 4, 5, and 6 but it will return the leading MVP candidate, Carl Reid.

2. Milton Academy (3) 14-1
Milton lost a tough match to Hotchkiss in New England Class A's which they may have won if Noah Bragg had played this season.  Milton graduates at least its 1, Andrew Lebovitz, its 3, Anthony Blake and its 4, Josh "J. Chill" Cohen.  Next year definitely looks to be a rebuilding year.

3. Nobles School (2) 13-2
I honestly think that with Anthony Laurencio-Twymer that Nobles would have beaten Milton, but we will never know.  After Nobles' loss to Milton I had to move them down by default.  This squad is graduating only its 4, Will Shames, as a far as I know and they look to be the favorites to win next year's title.

I think that RL had a slightly disappointing year because it wasn't able to crack the top 3.  RL only graduates its number 2, Ryan Sullivan, so I'm picking RL to finish 2nd in the league next year.

5. St. Paul's School (5) 11-4
St. Paul's had a very respectable season and just imagine what they could've done if their number 1, Jamie Raffini, had been healthy. St. Paul's only graduates its 3, Will Schoder, and its 5, Mark Poon.  They will be very solid next year and look for John Hwang '12 to have a breakout year.

6. Rivers School  (7) 10-5
Rivers finished up one of its most successful seasons ever and it was able to win the Class C Title.  I think that Rivers will return all of its starters and T.J. Moor will hopefully be able to serve overhand again.  Rivers will likely crack the top 4 or 5 next year.

7. BB&N (14) 7-8
BB&N had a lot of ups and downs this season but it dismantled St. George's in the second to last week of the season to return to 7th in the power rankings.  BB&N only loses its number 5, Alec Terrana, its number 6, Adrian "Kamikaze" Pfhorzeimer and its injured number 1, Cam Woodsum.

8. St. George's School (7) 6-7
St. George's had a solid season, especially after graduating a few players last season.  Look for this team to be somewhere in the middle of the pack next year because I know that they're graduating their number 3.

St. Mark's graduates its number 1, Chris Bassett, and maybe its number 2.  St. Mark's should be somewhere in the middle of the ISL next year.

10. Middlesex School  (9) 6-8
Middlesex was very tough this year, defeating BB&N, Groton and St. Seb's.  They are graduating a few players.

11. Groton School (12) 4-10
Groton started strong but ended up dying at the end of the season.  They did beat St. Seb's and Thayer though.

St. Seb's returns a bunch of strong players next year and hopefully they'll continue to improve.  Conor Haugey '12 had a very strong season at 1st singles.

13. Thayer Academy (10) 4-11
Thayer had a bunch of clutch 8-7 wins and they return Richie Robbie '11 next season.

14. Governor's Academy (15) 3-12
Governor's looked solid at the beginning of the year when they beat Groton but then they kind of fizzled out and lost a bunch of close matches.

15. Brooks School (11) 2-13
Brooks showed promise with a win over Groton, but other than that they didn't make too much noise.

16.  Lawrence Academy (16) 0-15
I'm not quite sure why Lawrence is in the ISL to be perfectly honest; they won 2 sets all season (against Middlesex).

Final Standings

Final StandingsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

I don't have a score for the Groton-St. George's match or the Middlesex-St. George's match.

School Wins Losses

Belmont Hill 15- 0

Milton 14 -1

Nobles 13- 2

Roxbury Latin 12- 3

St. Paul's 11- 4

Rivers 10- 5

St. George's

BB&N 7- 8

St. Mark's 7- 8

Middlesex 6- 9

Groton4- 11

St. Sebastian's 4 -11

Thayer 4-11

Governor's 3 -12

Brooks 2 -13

Lawrence 0 -15

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Results from Yesterday

Results from YesterdaySocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Final Standings, Power Rankings, MVP Race Update, etc. are coming soon.

Belmont Hill beat BB&N 14-1
Belmont Hill finished up their undefeated season with an easy win.  Carl Reid pretty much solidified his bid for MVP (more on that later).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hotchkiss wins Founders League Title

Hotchkiss wins Founders League TitleSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

The writeup is from the Hotchkiss Website.
"The boys varsity tennis team concluded their perfect season with a 7-0 sweep of Loomis on May 19.
The win gives the team a 17-0 record on the season and also earned the team its third consecutive Founder’s League title. The Bearcats have also won the New England championship, the KITT tournament, and the SNETL tournament this season.
Wednesday’s sweep included wins at singles by Robert Lightbourn ’10, Matt Shapiro ’10, Charlie Hough ’12, Will Campo ’10, Jeff Kontulis ’10, and Gonzalo Mocorrea ’13. The team also had doubles wins by Lightbourn & Kontulis and Shapiro & Julius Dixon ’12.
The win capped a remarkable season for the team in which the boys on the team won 85 of a possible 91 points in head-to-head play. Only twice during the season was the team pushed to a 4-3 score, a match against Cheshire on April 28 and the New England finals against Deerfield on May 16.
Hotchkiss last finished undefeated in 1999, when David Bolmer was coaching the team. The team was also undefeated in 1995 under current head coach Bill Markey."

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