Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tomorrow's Matches

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I'm not going to do my normal predictions in this post, instead I'm going to do a less formal, more opinionated post.


Belmont Hill vs. Nobles
Belmont Hill and Nobles have a showdown tomorrow and the winner will most likely be crowned ISL champion.  Frankly I just can't see Nobles winning this match.  I got a comment an hour ago saying that Anthony Laurencio-Twymer might not play in the match but I think that even if he plays tomorrow it won't be too close.  The only thing that Nobles has going in its favor is that the match is at home and not at Belmont Hill's indoor courts.  Belmont Hill should dominate the doubles and win 1st and 5th singles pretty easily.  I think that the only way Nobles wins this match is by taking one of the doubles matches and splitting at 2nd, 3rd and 4th singles and winning 6th singles.  It could happen, I just don't think that it will.

Projected Singles Matchups
Belmont Hill vs. Nobles
1.  Carl Reid vs. Cam Chapman
2.  Peter Yanofsky vs. Anthony Laurencio-Twymer
3.  Jack Welch vs. Camden Smith
4.  Bashiru Akinfolarin vs. Will Shames
5.  Nick Tierney vs. Unknown
6.  Sam Mcquillan vs. Will Samuels

Milton Academy should clean up in its match against non-conference opponent Phillips Exeter.  This is an important match for Class A seeding purposes.

Rivers and St. George's have a big match tomorrow and I'd say Rivers is a 3 point favorite.  A St. George's win could shake up the power rankings.

Thayer Academy and St. Mark's play tomorrow and St. Mark's is a 5 point favorite.

Expect a new version of my New England Prep Tennis Bracketology for all 3 classes to be posted in the next few days.

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