Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

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So for everyone who hasn't been keeping track I've only missed two match predictions all season and I don't have the exact number but I'm something like 46 for 48.

Apparently the St. George's- St. Mark's match which I've been looking forward to for a while has been canceled again.  Don't either of them have indoor courts? Wow.

Anyway, Brooks played 8 top 10 teams in its first 9 matches meaning that it has a very easy schedule coming down the stretch.  Other than the Belmont Hill match, it has five very winnable matches which should be nice for a team that won 6 sets in its first 7 matches.

Belmont Hill, Nobles, Roxbury Latin and St. Paul's look like they've all locked up bids into the Class B Tournament and Belmont Hill could potentially be seeded 2nd even though they probably aren't the 2nd best team.  I'll have a writeup in the next few days about the New England playoff picture.

Milton Academy will probably be the only team from the ISL in Class A's since Groton is not very strong this year.   I'll look at whether Milton has a shot at being a seed in the next New England Playoff write-up.

Rivers will definitely make Class C's but other than that I haven't thought about it too much, I'll cover Class C soon too.

Belmont Hill has the ISL Title locked up unless they blow the match tomorrow against Nobles.  Even if they lose that match the worst that they could do would be to share the championship.

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