Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 10 Boys' Tennis Players in MA: ESPN RISE vs. ISL TENNIS BLOG

Top 10 Boys' Tennis Players in MA: ESPN RISE vs. ISL TENNIS BLOGSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

I randomly came across the Greater Boston: May/June 2010 version of the ESPN Rise magazine, and as I was flipping through it I noticed that the magazine has a list of the Top 10 Boys' Tennis Players in Massachusetts.  Cool Right? Yeah, that's what I thought, until I read the list.  If you're going to make a list, why not make it good? I've always respected ESPN for being the leader in sports reporting but I have to say their list is not good.


10. Aaron Segal (Needham, So.)

9. Christian Heaney-Secord (Westwood, Sr.)

8. Andrew Lebovitz (Milton Academy, Sr.)

7. Roland Hence (Cambridge, Sr.)

6. Mesa Mei (Somerville, Sr.)

5. Aaron Revzin (Needham, So.)

4. Christian Boulanger (Winchester, Jr.)

3. William Spector (Weston, Jr.)

2. Cameron Ghorbani (Lexington, Sr.)

1. Alex Steinroeder (Concord-Carlisle, Jr.)

I have to say at first glance that I don't/ can't understand how ESPN Rise compiled this list.  Initially, I figured that they went by high school results, but I know that at least one (Roland Hence) of these players don't play high school tennis.  My next instinct was that maybe they combined tournament results and high school tennis but there's no way that's possible becaues Boulanger is ranked 47th in the 18 & Unders.  ESPN needs to keep it real and take Boulanger and Segal out of the Top 10 (no offense to them) because there's no way to justify ranking them that high.  In response to ESPN's rankings, I'm going to create my own top 10.  Without putting myself at number 1 (because it's too controversial) here is my top ten:


10. Chris Barnhart, Longmeadow

9. Lavrensky Araghamia, Sharon

8. Andrew Lebovitz, Milton Academy

7. Carl Reid, Belmont Hill

6. Roland Hence, Cambridge

5. Aaron Revzin, Needham

4. Mesa Mei, Somerville

3. William Spector, Weston

2. Cameron Ghorbani, Lexington

1. Alex Steinroeder, Concord-Carlisle


I made my list using high school results, and USTA New England Rankings.

I'm very interested to see what people think of my list and of the ESPN Rise list. Please comment below.


Anonymous said...

I thought Jchill was going to make it!?!?!?!

Cam Woodsum said...

No, sadly he's not good enough to make it. But c'mon though how's J. Chill gonna make it if I'm not even in my own top ten?

There's no doubt that if I make a top 10 most entertaining players in the ISL he has a strong case for being number 1.

Cam Woodsum said...

Noah Bragg isn't in the rankings because his credentials don't quite match up to the rest of the people on the list.

Anonymous said...

revzin should be 3

Cam Woodsum said...

How is it justified to move him ahead of Mesa and Will?

Anonymous said...

its justified because he made the state individual finals last year

Anonymous said...

i agree, not cuz he went to the finals last year, but cuz hes been beating tso and spector the majority of the matches theyve played recently... im pretty sure revzin even played ghorbani earlier this year and beat him too

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