Friday, May 7, 2010

NEPSAC Class A Prep Tennis Rankings

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UPDATED NEPSAC Class A Prep Tennis Rankings

I didn't realize until just now that Cheshire Academy is a Class A team so I just added them in as the number 8 team into the tournament.

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1. Hotchkiss School Tennis (previously: 1)
Hotchkiss remains atop my Class A rankings and will likely be the number 1 seed in the NEPSAC Tournament. They've pretty much cleaned up except for a 7-0 (scrimmage) loss to Brunswick and a tight 4-3 win against Class B opponent Cheshire Academy.  Hotchkiss is the cream of the crop from the Founders League.  Hotchkiss is by far the best Class A team.

2. Milton Academy Tennis (3)
Milton won a very close match against Phillips Academy- Andover this past week and is likely to get the 2nd seed in the NEPSAC Tournament.  Milton will have its hands full if it plays Hotchkiss but it could potentially pull an upset off.

3. Deerfield Academy Tennis (2)
Deerfield had a slightly more convincing win (than Milton) over Phillips Academy (5-2 instead of 4-2) but it's unlikely that the committee gives both seeds to Founders teams in my opinion.

4. Loomis Chaffee School Tennis (4)
Loomis sits comfortably at the fourth position. They've beaten everyone except Deerfield and it was only a 4-3 loss.  They don't play Hotchkiss until after NEPSACs.

5. Phillips Academy- Andover Tennis (5)
Phillips has close losses to Milton, Deerfield and (Class B) Roxbury Latin.  This squad beat Taft 4-3 at the beginning of the season.

6. Taft School Tennis (6)
Taft has close losses to Hotchkiss (5-2), Phillips (4-3), and Loomis (4-3).

7. Choate Rosemary Hall Tennis (7)
Choate has pulled out a lot of close matches this year but they are likely to get crushed by any team they face first round.

8. Cheshire Academy Tennis (Unranked)
I messed up, I thought that Cheshire was Class B.  Although they are ranked 8th I think that this is the only team that could possibly beat Hotchkiss in the Class A Tournament.  The only reason this team isn't ranked higher is that it lost to Choate 5-2.

As you can tell not much has changed since the last time I did the rankings. Stay tuned because I'll do a full breakdown of the bracket when it comes out.

Did I leave anyone out? Comment below.


Anonymous said...

st pauls?

Cam Woodsum said...

St pauls is class b, I'm going to do a class b writeup in the next couple days.

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