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New England Prep Tennis Class A Bracketology

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I already covered Class B in an earlier post and here's my take on Class A.
For last year's Class A Tournament click here.

As I compiled this list it quickly became obvious how little depth there is in Class A.  While over the past decade Class A has often had the best team in New England (better than the Class B champ) the tournament has tended to be fairly weak in comparison with Class B.  It seems that almost every year there is a clear-cut Class A favorite while in Class B it's more of a toss up with a few comparable teams.  Class A is a much smaller division with less competition to get into the tournament.  Here's my list of teams.

1.  Hotckiss School
Hotchkiss is clearly the best team in Class A this year but they could be tested by Loomis and Deerfield.  They won the Kingswood tournament and have beaten every team they've played so far except Brunswick who beat them 7-0 in a scrimmage.

2. Deerfield Academy
Deerfield boasts wins over Loomis Chaffee and Phillips Andover.  They're undefeated but they finished the Kingswood Tournament in third place behind Hotchkiss and Hopkins.

3. Milton Academy
Milton's only test so far has been against Belmont HIll and they lost 11-4.  We will see how this team stacks up against the other Class A powers.  With Noah Bragg I think this team wins Class A's with ease.

4. Loomis Chaffee School
Other than a 4-3 loss to Deerfield, the reigning Class A champion is undefeated. 

5. Phillips Andover
This team lost in the New England Class A finals last year in a match that came down to the final set.  They aren't quite as strong after graduating Trey Meyer.

6.  Taft School
Taft has lost close matches to Andover, Loomis and Hotckiss.

7.  Choate Rosemary Hall
Choate probably won't make it out of the first round this year.

8.  Kingswood-Oxford School
The 8th team is a toss up because there are a lot of mediocre teams that could be put here.

Bubble Teams:
Phillips Exeter

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Anonymous said...

Hotchkiss beat Cheshire Academy yesterday 4-3. Good picks on both class a and b

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