Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New England Class B Bracketology

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If the Nepsac tournament started tomorrow these would be my 8 teams in the tournament.  Check out the Class A Bracketology.

1.  Hopkins
Hopkins is unbelievable.  They have Nolan Paige (ranked top 5 in NE), Bobby Berkowitz (top 20), Russell Einbinder (top 10), Brian Astrachan (top 10), Jerrod Dobkin (top 50) and Michael Bartimer.  Talk about a stacked lineup.  They have a match with Brunswick this week who actually beat them last year and I'm very interested to see what happens.  This might be one of the best teams to ever play in the NEPSAC (assuming they beat Brunswick). The founders league is strong this year.

2.  Brunswick
This team has won Class B's two years in a row so I must be crazy not to have them at number 1 right?  Well when you look at how good Hopkins is it's hard to pick anyone else. I'm not sure who Brunswick graduated although I do know that Sam King plays number one for them.

3.  Belmont Hill
Belmont Hill is a very strong team and probably the best ISL team, as shown by the power rankings, but if Brunswick and Hopkins are healthy I honestly think that this team has zero shot at winning and I mean that with all due respect.  Belmont Hill's strength is their depth and their abundance of good players. Against Hopkins I think that they would lose all top 5 matches in straight sets.

4.  Cheshire Academy
Cheshire has a really good 1, 2 punch in Beck Bond and Michael Rosengren (both top 15 in NE I think). Beyond that I'm not quite sure how good they are but these two could definitely carry them to some big wins.

5.  Nobles
This team is good but do they have a shot in New Englands? Not really just because of how good the field is this year.

6.  Roxbury Latin
This isn't RL's year to win it.

7. St. Paul's
St. Paul's will probably get in unless they lose to BB&N but they are unlikely to make it out of the first round.

8. King School
Don't know much about this school and I don't know who will end up filling this 8 spot because it will probably be a CT school unless BB&N sneaks in here.

Teams on the outside:
Williston Northampton
Green Farms


Anonymous said...

are you going to preview class A as well?

Cam Woodsum said...

Yeah I'll do that in the next week. As it gets closer and closer to tournament time I'll post updates as to the playoff picture. And then when the draws come out I'll break them down and give my predictions.

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