Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(2) Nobles vs. (4) Roxbury Latin Preview

(2) Nobles vs. (4) Roxbury Latin PreviewSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

There are some key matches tomorrow and I will try to post live updates or immediate results. For my match predictions in the key matches I use tennisrecruiting.net to compare players and predict winners for each match.

Anthony Laurencio-Twymer, Nobles

(4) Roxbury Latin vs. (2) Nobles

For starters I'm assuming that Ryan Sullivan isn't playing although I don't know for sure. I think that Roxbury Latin will win number 2 doubles and I like Nobles to win at number 1 doubles. 3rd doubles has me a little bit stumped because I don't know too much about the Roxbury Latin players but I think I'm going to give the edge to Nobles.

In singles I'm confident that Cam Chapman from Nobles will take both sets at number 1. At number 2, I envision Cam Ferguson and Anthony Laurencio-Twymer splitting sets. 3rd Singles should be tight as well although Nobles has an experience advantage because Will Shames is a senior and J.B. Gough is a freshman but I'm guessing a split. At fourth singles it's another toss-up because Camden Smith and Perry Hart both have very similar tennisrecruiting rankings. I"m predicting another split in this match. At 5th singles it should be another close match but I like Justin Chapman from Nobles to take both sets and at 6th singles I think Will Samuels, the 8th grader from Nobles, should win both sets fairly easily.

My predicted score is that Nobles will win 11-4 (if Ryan Sullivan doesn't play) although there are a lot of matches that could go either way so that score could fluctuate a bit. If Ryan plays then my predicted score is 8-7 Nobles. Stay tuned this could be very close!

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