Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The ULTIMATE Showdown- Will I Be Considered the Greatest Match Picker of All Time?

The ULTIMATE Showdown- Will I Be Considered the Greatest Match Picker of All Time?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

 Cam Woodsum (Me), BB&N

If you are going to read any of my prediction articles this is the one to read. Tomorrow has the most interesting match ups and it may be the most competitive day of the entire season.  You have the 2 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, 9 vs. 10 and 13 vs. 14, in the life of a high school blogger what gets better than this.  You might ask why I put a picture of me at the top?  Simple, I'm something like 39 for 40 on the season picking matches and I need all the moral support that I can give myself because tomorrow will be my toughest day yet.  If I pick every match right then I might just retire and move to Vegas so that I can bet full-time.  I'm just saying...

Blogging from the hospital is about to become the next big thing. I don't mean to make this a super personal site but I wanted to mention that I had left hip surgery today at Children's Hospital and the surgery was a success.  If you're having hip problems Dr. Yen at Children's is the guy to see. Hip surgery is not an uncommon thing when it comes to tennis and it's become a more and more common and recognized injury.  If you're having hip problems feel free to email me because after this second surgery I feel like a certified hip expert.

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Here are tomorrow's predictions:

(2) Milton Academy Tennis will beat (4) Roxbury Latin Tennis 9-6
I think that Milton is the definite favorite in this matchup and that they should have a clear advantage at 1st and 2nd Singles and Doubles.  I expect that Milton will get ahead early and stay ahead until the end.

(13) Middlesex Tennis will beat (14) St. Sebastian's Tennis 8-7
This was a really tough pick because both teams are winless (not counting Middlesex's win over Lawrence) and they have very few common opponents so far.  There really is no favorite and I'm split 50/50 over who will win it but I have to choose a winner so I'm taking Middlesex.  This could be a very tight match.

(9) Governor's Academy Tennis will beat (10) St. Mark's Tennis 9-6
This match could turn out to be a thriller because these two teams are pretty evenly matched. I think Governor's has a slight edge and I expect them to pull it out with Nate Collins leading the way.

(5) St. Paul's Tennis will beat (6) Rivers Tennis 9-6
Another very even match but St. Paul's definitely has the edge and although I expect this match to be very close, I would be shocked if Rivers wins this.

(7) BB&N Tennis vs. (12) Thayer Academy Tennis
The Jess Karol-Richie Robbie match at number 1 singles has the potential to be a very competitive match. No score because I don't predict BB&N scores anymore.

(1) Belmont Hill Tennis will beat (16) Lawrence Academy Tennis 15-0
If Lawrence were to win this it might be the biggest upset in ISL history in any sport.

(11) Groton Tennis will beat (15) Brooks Tennis 11-4
This is the first team that Brooks will play that's not ranked in the top ten.

(2) Nobles Tennis will beat (8) St. George's Tennis 12-3
One of the few easy picks that I get to make, it should be an easy win for Nobles.

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