Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roxbury Latin vs. Belmont Hill

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 Update: I'm a little surprised by the poll. But interested at the same time. If you voted for Roxbury Latin write a quick comment explaining your stance.

           I've been looking forward to this match since the schedule first came out. This is a VERY important match for both squads because the loser will essentially be out of title contention. After reviewing the lineups for both teams this is how it breaks down in my opinion.   Every year since I've been in the league Belmont Hill has dominated in doubles and this year is no different,, they have a bunch of big servers and athletic players so they should win 1 and 2 doubles fairly easily.  At 3 doubles I think that the match will be somewhat close but Belmont Hill should pull that one out too.  It's possible though that RL did not play to their potential against BB&N on the fast indoor courts but if they don't raise their game then "the Hill" should start out 3-0 going into singles.
         In singles Peter Yanofsky and Carl Defranco will square off at number 1.  On paper this should be a very even match because on TennisRecruiting they are both around 600 in their respective classes.  I'm predicting a split in this match although I almost took Carl to take both sets because Pete's serve won't be quite as effective outdoors.  At second singles Belmont Hill has a distinct advantage because I'm not sure whether Ryan Sullivan will be fully healthy for the match and because Carl Reid is a phenom. In the third singles slot I expect it to be another toss-up because although Jack Welch is the more experienced player, Cam Ferguson has a very comparable TennisRecruiting ranking.  I envision a split in this match with Jack possibly taking both.  At fourth singles Nick Tierney and J.B. Gough will have a good match and I'm really not sure who to take because Nick doesn't really play tournaments so it's hard to judge how well he will be playing this year, I'm going with my gut and predicting Gough will take both sets. At fifth singles I think Bashiru Akinfolarin will win both sets over Perry Hart and at sixth singles I think that it could go either way and I'm predicting a split.
        So after the tally and all of my match-by-match predictions my final predicted score is Belmont Hill 9, Roxbury Latin 6.  There are a lot of variables and really anything could happen but I'm fairly confident that Belmont Hill will win. We shall see though. I'm hoping to do live updates on the match via the twitter account which has a feed on the left side of the page but I'm going to need a RL or Belmont Hill player to text me score updates every now and then. Someone step up! Good luck to both teams.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Belmont Hill will win, but it will be a great match!

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