Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Moment of Truth- Wednesday's Match Results

The Moment of Truth- Wednesday's Match ResultsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Of the results I've seen so far I'm still perfect but there are a lot of matches that haven't been reported yet.  If you have a score please post it in the comments below. Click here for my match predictions.

MAKEUP: (15) Brooks beat (11) Groton 10-5; I predicted an 11-4 loss
I definitely overlooked this match and this is a very good result for this Brooks squad.  This result will  make this weekends power rankings pretty interesting since Groton has wins over (12) Thayer and (13) St. Seb's.

(7) BB&N beat (12) Thayer Academy 13-2
Richie Robbie picked up Thayer's only points at number 1 singles.

(2) Milton Academy beat (4) Roxbury Latin 11-4; I predicted a 9-6 victory.
Milton swept the doubles and then took 1, 2, 3 and 6 singles.  I figured that this match would be a little bit closer than the final result because I didn't expect RL to lose both sets in 3rd and 6th singles.

(1) Belmont Hill beat (16) Lawrence Academy 15-0; I predicted a 15-0 victory.
I was kindof hoping Lawrence would pull off the upset in this match but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe it would've been more competitive if Belmont Hill hadn't gotten to play on their homecourts.

(3) Nobles beat (8) St. George's 11-4; I predicted a 12-3 victory.
Although I'm not sure if Nobles played all of their starters this appears to be a solid result by St. George's.

(13) Middlesex beat (14) St. Sebastian's 9-6; I predicted a 8-7 victory.

Brooks-Groton got rescheduled for Friday.

Rivers- St. Paul's got rescheduled.

Governor's-St. Mark's got rescheduled.


Anonymous said...

Nobles beat St George 11-4

Anonymous said...

Middlesex beat Sebs 9 - 6.

Anonymous said...

Brooks beat Groton 10-5

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