Monday, April 26, 2010

Power Rankings- Fifth Edition

Power Rankings- Fifth EditionSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Sorry for the delay guys.  I've been perfecting the rankings.  Also, if you haven't subscribed to the blog via email enter your email above. You get automatic emails everytime I post something on the blog and it's easy to unsubscribe if you don't like it.

Belmont Hill didn't drop a set this week and the only team left on their schedule that could dethrone Belmont Hill is Nobles but I'd say it's very unlikely that Nobles takes more than 5 sets against the Hill.  Belmont HIll looks like a lock for the New England Prep Tennis Class B Tournament.

2. Milton Academy  7-1
Milton also didn't drop a set this week and Andrew Lebovitz beat Richie Robbie 6-4, 6-0.  Milton could make some noise in the New England Class A Tennis Tournament.

3. Nobles School  7-0
Nobles had a solid week, highlighted by a convincing 13-2 win over BB&N.

Roxbury Latin picked up three wins this week and they have a HUGE showdown with Milton on Wednesday.  Look forward to a match breakdown late tonight.

St. Paul's has two very important matches coming up this week against 6th ranked Rivers and 7th ranked BB&N.  They need to win both matches to ensure that they get a birth in the Class B Tournament.

6. Rivers School  7-1
Rivers is having a very solid season this year.

7. BB&N  4-3
If BB&N beats St. Paul's this Saturday they may have a case to make New England's.

8. St. George's School  3-3
The St. George's-St. Mark's make up match should be very interesting.

Governor's dropped a tough 9-6 match to Rivers this past week.  They have an important match against St. Mark's on Wednesday.

St. Mark's has a key matchup with Governor's on Wednesday.

Groton lost both matches this week and they should have a good match with Middlesex this Saturday.

12. Thayer Academy (14th last week) 1-6
I appreciate the Thayer website being fully updated.  Thayer will get another win this Saturday against Lawrence.

13. Middlesex School  (12th last week) 1-6
Wow. I'm impressed, last week my comment was for Middlesex to update its website and today all the scores were up-to-date.  Thank you Coach Palmer.  Middlesex picked up its first win against Lawrence Academy this past week.

14. St. Sebastian's School (13th last week) 0-7
St. Seb's should pick up its first win against either Middlesex on Wednesday or Lawrence on Friday.

15. Brooks School 0-7
Brooks should get its first win May 5th against Lawrence.

Lawrence finally got its first couple of sets this season against Middlesex.

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