Friday, April 16, 2010

Match Pick 'Em for Tomorrow

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I'm 18 for 18 so far this season picking matches.  Think you can beat me? Tell me which matches I'm going to get wrong in the comment section below.  Now that I'm on a roll I'm not stopping pick 'em anytime soon.  Totally inappropriate for high school sports but I should be making betting lines for these matches. Without further ado here are my picks.  Click here for the full Milton-Belmont Hill preview.

(2) Nobles will beat (15) Brooks 15-0
This is kindof a no-brainer. Brooks is getting slaughtered with a tough schedule to start the year. 5 top 7 teams in a row! Yikes!

(10) Governor's Academy will beat (16) Lawrence 15-0
This Governor's team might be the strongest squad they've had in the past five years and Lawrence is still looking for their first set this year.

(4) Roxbury Latin will beat (12) Groton 14-1
RL will bounce back with a win in this match.  This isn't a Groton squad that should challenge them this year.

Upset Alert: (14) Middlesex will beat (11) Thayer 9-6
This is a really tough match to pick because both teams are winless but I like Middlesex here because they got six sets against St. Mark's and they got 4 and 3 points off Nobles and Milton, respectively. 

(8) St. George's will beat (9) St. Mark's 10-5
This one could go either way but St. George's is the stronger team in my mind.  I was impressed by St. George's destruction of Governor's 11-4.

(5) St. Paul's will beat (13) St. Sebastian's 13-2
I like St. Seb's at 1 singles and St. Paul's at every other position.

Upset Alert: (7) Rivers will beat (6) BB&N 9-6
I'm not going to say much about this one because it's my own team, but this is my prediction.

Click here for the Milton-Belmont Hill Preview.


Anonymous said...

The Brooks Nobles match has been postponed until Tuesday 4/20

Cam Woodsum said...

Thanks for the update

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