Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today's Match Results

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 So I'm officially challenging anyone who thinks that they can beat me in pick'em to either comment with all of their predictions for Saturday or send me an email because I'm feeling pretty confident right now.  I picked all 8 matches correctly making me 18 for 18 on the season.  My score predictions were on average 1.5 points off.

(6) BB&N beat (10) Governor's 8-7; I predicted a 12-3 victory.
This was a very close match that ended up coming down to the final set at number 2 singles.  Governor's has a much stronger squad this year then I expected.

(3) Milton Academy beat (14) Middlesex 12-3; I predicted a 14-1 victory.
Milton was missing their fourth singles player.

(8) St. George's beat (13) St. Sebastian's 10-5; I predicted a 9-6 victory.

For the big one, (2) Nobles beat (4) Roxbury Latin and the score was 8-7; I predicted the score correctly.
Ryan Sullivan played in this match and Nobles took 1 and 2 doubles while Roxbury Latin took number 3. 1st and 2nd singles both split and then Camden Smith beat Cam Ferguson at 3rd singles.  At fourth singles J.B. Gough beat Will Shames then RL won 5th singles and Nobles won 6th singles.  Basically the singles was even and the doubles decided the match. Click here to see the full match preview.

Just wanted to point out that in a 7-point system the match would be undecided because the first and second singles matches would have to play third sets.  Nobles would've been up 3-2.  It's a shame we play the way we do.

(9) St. Mark's beat (16) Lawrence Academy 15-0; I predicted the right score.

(1) Belmont Hill beat (5) St. Paul's 12-3; I predicted an 11-4 victory.

(7) Rivers beat (15) Brooks 15-0; I predicted a 12-3 victory.

(12) Groton beat (11) Thayer 10-5; I predicted a 9-6 victory.


Anonymous said...

St. Mark's Line-up

1. Chris Basset '10
2. Andrew Ward'11
3. Alex Glomset '10
4. Trevor Godfredson '11
5. Chris Choi '13
6. Manny Guerzon '13

1. Chris Basset '10/John Sluder'10
2. Andrew Ward'11/Chris Choi'13
3. Grant Cho'12/Pierre Lapyerre'11

-This match was a great opportunity for young players to step up. I really enjoyed watching the match today.

Anonymous said...

Rivers beat Brooks 15-0
Rivers no. 1 played at 4th spot because of a strained back and served underarm instead.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, a little shot at Brooks right there.

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