Friday, April 16, 2010

Milton Academy-Belmont Hill Preview

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This should be a great match tomorrow and I wish that I could make it.  Belmont Hill is hosting the match on their courts which gives them a definite edge although Milton Academy has indoor courts to train on.

In doubles I think that Belmont Hill will take two of the sets and Milton Academy will either snag 1 or 2 doubles.  The number 1 singles match will showcase two of the best players in the league in Andrew Lebovitz and Carl Reid.  I'm expecting a split in this match because it's such a close match up.  At number 2 singles although Pete Yanofsky has a huge serve I think that Matt Lebovitz will steal one of the sets for a split.  Jack Welch of Belmont Hill should win 3rd singles pretty easily over J. Chill and 4th singles will likely go to Milton Academy's Anthony Blake.  I think Belmont Hill's Bashiru Akinfolarin will win 5th singles and 6th singles will be a split.  I definitely think that Belmont Hill will win this match (Sorry Andrew) but if Noah were playing I'd be picking Milton Academy hands down.  Belmont Hill's big servers should do well on their fast courts tomorrow. 

After tallying everything up my predicted score is a 9-6 win by Belmont Hill.

Do you agree or disagree with me? I want to hear it from the Milton kids, I won't take offense.  Write your comment below.

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