Sunday, April 11, 2010

Third Edition of the Power Rankings!

Third Edition of the Power Rankings!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Belmont Hill looks very solid all around and Carl Reid has been playing well, sliding into the number 1 spot for the time being. Belmont Hill should win easily against St. Paul's this Wednesday, more on that later.
 Nobles has had an easy schedule so far but their match Wednesday against Roxbury Latin should be their first test.

3. Milton Academy (4th last week) 3-0
Milton won't be tested for another week when they play Belmont Hill but so far against pretty easy competition they've dominated.
4. Roxbury Latin School (3rd last week) 2-1
Roxbury Latin faces its fourth straight top six team this Wednesday (Nobles) and it's a must-win if they want to remain in the hunt for the ISL championship.  Interesting that RL plays almost all the good teams at the start of the season. RL needs Ryan Sullivan to recover from injury quickly before the season slips away.

St. Paul's needs a win against Belmont Hill this Wednesday or else they don't have any shot of winning ISL's.  Their number 1 singles player, Jamie Raffini, is hurt and hasn't played all season.

6. BB&N 2-1
BB&N has looked pretty solid and they will probably finish the season in the sixth slot unless they can upset St. Paul's.  

Rivers close victory against St. Mark's scared me a little bit considering BB&N won against St. Mark's 13-2 a few days later. I'm really looking forward to the Rivers-BB&N match this coming Saturday.

8. St. George's School (10th last week) 2-1
St. George's has started off the season well and it should be an interesting match against St. Seb's this Wednesday.

9. St. Mark's School (11th last week) 1-2
St. Mark's has looked fairly strong other than their lopsided defeat at the hands of BB&N.

10. Governor's Academy (12th last week) 1-2
I'm a bit surprised they didn't get a set against Belmont Hill but I was impressed by their win over Groton.

11. Thayer Academy (9th last week) 0-3
Thayer has started off 0-3 and they need to beat St. Seb's on Wednesday unless they want to fall further in the rankings.

12. Groton School (8th last week) 1-1
 This has been a disappointing year so far for Groton but the win against St. Seb's might get them back on track.

13. St. Sebastian's School (14th last week) 0-2
A win against Groton would've been huge.
14. Middlesex School (13th last week) 0-3
Middlesex is still looking for its first win.

This team should move up the ranks a few spots this season.

Lawrence lost its first match this Saturday 15-0.

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