Thursday, April 8, 2010

Results from Today

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Carl Reid, Belmont Hill
Belmont Hill beat Roxbury Latin 10-5
This was a big win for Belmont Hill but it should be noted that Ryan Sullivan, the number 2 for RL, did not play because of an injury.  I actually didn't expect Roxbury Latin to keep the match this close without Ryan but now I'm wondering what might have happened if Ryan had played.  I don't have too much info on this match right now but I will post a full write-up either tomorrow or on friday because this match deserves some publicity.  For those of you who didn't read my preview of this match, I just want to point out that as I predicted Belmont Hill swept the doubles and I was only one point off from predicting the exact score (I predicted a 9-6 finish).

Jess Karol, BB&N

BB&N beat Brooks 13-2
The doubles was competitive in this match but the singles play by BB&N was a bit too strong for Brooks today.  3 and 5 singles both split sets. It was a beautiful day to play outdoors even though the wind was a bit strong.

Milton beat St. George's 14-1

Governor's beat Groton 9-6
WOW! Okay this match definitely just messed up my power rankings. If you look at my rankings I had Groton at number 8 and Governor's just moved down to number 12 after a loss to St. George's (11-4).  Either this was a fluke or I overestimated Groton this year. Groton has been anywhere from 5th to 8th in the league for the past five years or so If my memory is correct and they must be having a serious down year.  I don't mean to downplay the significance of this win for Governor's because they have been struggling for the past few years and maybe they are making a small push into the middle of the ISL.  I guess my power rankings aren't perfect.

Rivers beat St. Mark's 9-6
I'm a little bit surprised by how close this match score is because I figured that Rivers would have won this match handily.  I'm pretty sure that Rivers has a fairly solid team so it must be that St. Mark's has improved since last year. Maybe someone on the Rivers or St. Mark's team could comment and let me know what happened.

Nobles beat Thayer 12-3
Robbie won 1 singles and 1 double for Thayer.

St. Paul's beat Middlesex 13-2
St. Paul's split at 2 singles and lost 1 doubles.

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